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What Katie Did uses traditional sizing which is smaller than modern size charts.

Our sizes are cut to fit:


WKD Bust Waist Hips
Size 10 35" or 87.5cm 25" or 62.5cm 35" or 87.5cm
Size 12 37" or 92.5cm 27" or 67.5cm 37" or 92.5cm
Size 14 39" or 97.5cm 29" or 72.5cm 39" or 97.5cm
Size 16 41" or 102.5cm 31" or 77.5cm 41" or 102.5cm
Size 18 43" or 107.5cm 33" or 82.5cm 43" or 107.5cm


Measuring Your Bra Size at Home

Measure firmly around your body directly under the bust (Underbust measurement). This underbust measurement will be the same as the underbust band on the bra when fitted.



Measure around your body over the fullest part of your bust (overbust)
You will find your size where the two measurements intersect on our size guide.

This guide should only be used as an indication of your size.

All measurements are in inches.







32.5 32A
33.5 32B
34.5 32C 34A
35.5 32D 34B
36.5 32D D 34C 36A
37.5 32E 34D 36B
38.5 32F 34D D 36C
39.5 34E 36D 38B
40.5 34F 36DD 38C
41.5 36E 38D
42.5 36F 38DD
43.5 38E



UK/USA 32A = France (& B E F) 85A Europe 70A

UK/USA 32B = France (& B E F) 85B Europe 70B

UK/USA 32C = France (& B E F) 85C Europe 70C

UK/USA 32D = France (& B E F) 85D Europe 70D
UK/USA 34A = France  (& B E F) 90A Europe 75A

UK/USA 34B = France  (& B E F) 90B Europe 75B

UK/USA 34C = France  (& B E F) 90C Europe 75C

UK/USA 34D = France  (& B E F) 90D Europe 75D

UK/USA 36A = France  (& B E F) 95A Europe 80A

UK/USA 36B = France  (& B E F) 95B Europe 80B

UK/USA 36C = France  (& B E F) 95C Europe 80C

UK/USA 36D = France  (& B E F) 95D Europe 80D

UK/USA 38A = France  (& B E F) 100A Europe 85A

UK/USA 38B = France  (& B E F) 100B Europe 85B

UK/USA 38C = France  (& B E F) 100C Europe 85C

UK/USA 38D = France  (& B E F) 100D Europe 85D

Voor uitgebreide informatie kun je ook kijken op de website van What Katie Did.

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