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  • Schmiere Special edition Better Dan.
    Schmiere Special edition Better Dan.

    Rumble59 - Schmiere - Special Edition - Better Dan "Schmiere" (read: shmeereh) means "grease" in german

    The new Schmiere "Better Dan" isn't only for greasy trickster or honorable gentlemen - everybody's "feathers" shoul...

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  • Beach towel "Hurricane"
    Beach towel "Hurricane"

    Summer is finally there with this new Towel "Hurricane" by Rumble59!
    Whether lying on the beach, at swimming-pool or on the sun lounger: With this big towel enthusiasm an a comfortable feeling is guaranteed!


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  • Rumble 59 Raw Japan Selvage Denim
    Rumble 59 Raw Japan Selvage Denim

    This style also stands for: "Think Big"! The first-class, rough 14,5 oz denim won`t cry craven without any resistance: This denim must be tamed! It`s your turn to give this pair of jeand your personal style!
    The new details a...

    € 159,00 € 89,95Bestellen
  • Rumble 59 "Denim Without a Cause".
    Rumble 59 "Denim Without a Cause".

    Rumble59 - Denim without a cause
    - on the right backpoket is an amazing pinstripe embroidery
    - the jeans has a 1/2 Zoll wrench on an extra poket at the left leg (side)
    - the material is one of the best 12,8 uz dark...

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  • Workerjacket Gearhead.
    Workerjacket Gearhead.

    Rumble59 - Workerjacket - Gear Head

    You dont` sweat saltwater but Motoroil? Your heart is not pumping blood but high octane gasoline? There are pistons instead of bones in your body and where other guys got their spine...

    € 109,00 € 79,95Bestellen
  • Rumble 59 Hoodie Jacket Rebels on Salt.
    Rumble 59 Hoodie Jacket Rebels on Salt.

    Rumble59 - Hoodie-Jacket - Rebels on Salt - grey
    Rock`n`Roll meets Sports! You`re perfectly prepared for new records with the new Rumble59 Sportswear Collection! No matter if you`re on a playing field, at a gym or just relaxi...

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  • Leather Wallet in brown.
    Leather Wallet in brown.

    Rumble59 - Wallet

    Robust, 2,5 mm thick, high-class leather looks great and has a great touch. The wallet gets its rough character by the thick, contrasting top stitching. The Rumble59 logo embossing and the custom-built...

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  • Bottle opener comb.
    Bottle opener comb.

    Rumble59 - Comb "Bottle Opener"

    Made from high-class zinc this Rumble59 comb doesn't only lay perfectly in your hands, but even puts the whammy on sharp edges. Due to the new material this comb slips gentl...

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  • Cool Car Jacket
    Cool Car Jacket

    This new Rumble59 jacket goes back to the original Clicker Jackets of the 50s.
    Clicker Jackets were worn by the first Hotrod Clubs in the good old 50s.
    Supplementary the plain jackets have been embroidered large-sized wi...

    € 159,00 € 89,95Bestellen
  • Flying Eyeball Buckle
    Flying Eyeball Buckle

    Rumble59 Buckle "Flying Eyeball"

    Ever since the SoCal Rock Poster Art of Jim Phillips and Rick Griffin, through Von Dutch and all his successors -the flying eyeball became for Kustom Kulture what Mickey is for...

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  • Racing Sweater Rat Rod.
    Racing Sweater Rat Rod.

    This fantasic sweater is dedicated to all mechanics and drivers, who let their souped up V8s roaring like tigers waiting to get on the chase and bring every single piece to perfection by handmade art and custum culture. The racing...

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  • Butterfly Comb with leather case
    Butterfly Comb with leather case

    Rumble59 - Butterfly-Comb with high-class Leather Case

    Once again Rumble59 looks back respectful to better days when a little tiff was fought out in a dark corner without further ado. In many cases the young delinquent...

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  • Dr Corvus Vital Set
    Dr Corvus Vital Set

    Rumble59 - Schmiere - Vital Set
    Balm for hair and throat - Brewed on old galenic formulation This fantastic Vital-Set of Prof. Dr. Med. Corvus comprise the new "Schmiere"-Hairbalm, a comb from stainless steel as well as a sm...

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  • Schmiere Special edition, Dr Corvus Hair Balm
    Schmiere Special edition, Dr Corvus Hair Balm

    Special Edition "Hair-Balm" by Prof. Dr. Med. Corvus -
    Brewed on old galenic formulation

    Shortly after Prof. Dr. Med. Corvus won all of his academic degrees in a poker game, his marvellous carreer as a quack docto...

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  • Buckle Gear Head.
    Buckle Gear Head.

    Rumble59 - Buckle Gear Head Buckle - Big Size
    WOW! This is a real blast! The very dimension is absolutly eye- catching!

    We`ve made no compromises in quality and design. This buckle is characterized by its excel...

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