Tarantula Clothing Company

Tarantula Clothing Company originated in 2006 and is the brain child of DavidC & AlbertR.

While rummaging for 50`s clothes, they realized that the stock had dwindled into a state of crisis.

As they witnessed left over sizing and damaged thrift store clothes, they decided to start a vintage reproduction line to keep the scene alive!

With emphasis on a good fit, quality construction and exceptional fabrics, TARANTULA was born!

As Tarantula began to launch, they decided to bring in a scene resident and good friend Cherrie to help on every aspect of the company!

Thus Tarantula Clothing Company was born June 2nd 2007 in it`s own retail store in LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA! As of januari 2009 it`s only a webstore.
We`re the vital support for all your hepcat and sex kitten needs!

For the hep at heart, squares need not apply!

While wearing Tarantula Clothing you`ll always be sassy, classy and never trashy!

When your vintage threads have holes and stains this reproduction company is here to save the day!

"Every one who's any one owns a Tarantula!"




Lisa Love Paperdoll. € 20,00 € 15,00
  • Heartbleed


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