Sioux Guitars Pomade "Top Fuel".

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All of pomades Sioux Guitars are the same. The only difference: each has a different masculine scent. The pomades are traditionally made in the USA.

The "Top Fuel Pomade" has a mild scent of leather seats, hot tyres and a sweet, red lipstick.

Sioux Guitars manufactures a full line of pomades, which stand out not only by unusual names, but by truly exceptional fragrances.

Otherwise, the pomades are all identical: of white candle colour, medium-weight, with mild to strong scents, traditionally made by hand and decorated by hand in tin cans with simple labels.

Because they are made in a traditional way they don`t contain any artificial coloring, preservatives, parabens, silicones, etc.

The Sioux Guitars pomades provide medium weight hold and an excellent shine, comparable with the Royal Crown Pomade.

The consistency is inbetween a butch wax and a can of grease.

There is enough stiffness to hold your style, but it`s light enough to work with easily.

The pomade is packaged in a tin can.
Made in the U.S.A.


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